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Surah NameSurah At-Tur
Surah Number52
RevelationRevealed in Mecca
Number of Verses49
Place of RevelationMecca
Period of RevelationEarly period of Prophet Muhammad’s prophet hood in Mecca
Named AfterThe word “At-Tur” (The Mount) in the opening verse

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Surah Tur PDF Download

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Surah Tur

Surah At-Tur (The Mount) is the 52nd chapter of the Quran, along with 49 verses (ayat). It is a Meccan surah, revealed at some point of the early duration of Prophet Muhammad’s challenge when he preached in the city of Mecca. The chapter is named after the phrase Tur (Mount) mentioned within the first verse, which refers back to the mountain on which Allah (God) spoke to Prophet Moses (Musa).

Surah At-Tur emphasizes the truth of the Day of Judgment and the effects of human beings’ actions on this international and the hereafter. The surah starts off evolved by way of bringing up Mount Sinai wherein Allah communicated with Prophet Moses and highlights that the divine messages are by no means to be taken gently.

The surah provides a chain of scenes and occasions, every emphasizing Allah’s strength and His expertise in all that people do. It warns the disbelievers approximately the punishment that awaits them in the event that they persist in their denial of the truth and reject the message of the Prophet. It additionally highlights the fate of past nations that have been boastful and defiant, leading to their eventual downfall and destruction.

The bankruptcy also speaks of the reward and advantages for the righteous believers who worry Allah and do appropriate deeds. It mentions the beautiful gardens of paradise as praise for folks who are aware of their Creator and attempt to live a righteous existence.


What is the main subject of Surah At-Tur?

A: The primary subject of Surah At-Tur is the Day of Judgment and its consequences. It warns towards disbelief, vanity, and the rejection of divine messages whilst promising rewards for righteous deeds.

Why is the surah named At-Tur?

A: The surah is called At-Tur as it begins via citing the Mount Sinai (Tur) where Allah spoke to Prophet Moses.

Is Surah At-Tur a Meccan or Medinan surah?

A: Surah At-Tur is a Meccan surah that means it turned into found out throughout the early length of Prophet Muhammad’s venture inside the town of Mecca.

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