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Surah Tahrim PDF

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Surah NameSurah At-Tahrim
Surah Number66
RevelationRevealed in Medina
Number of Verses12
Place of RevelationMedina
Period of RevelationAfter the migration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to Medina
Named AfterThe word “Tahrim” (Prohibition) in the opening verse

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Surah Tahrim PDF Download

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Surah Tahrim

Surah At-Tahrim (Chapter sixty six) is a enormous chapter inside the Quran, discovered in Madinah during the later years of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) existence. It consists of 12 verses and covers various subject matters, presenting valuable instructions and guidance to believers.

The Surah begins by way of addressing an incident related to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). One of his wives, Hafsah, had confided something to every other wife, Aisha, which the Prophet had intended to be stored non-public. When he found out about this breach of agree with, the Prophet determined to split from his other halves for a specific period as a way to specific his displeasure. This incident serves as a lesson inside the importance of respecting confidentiality and guarding towards gossip, even amongst close circle of relatives members.

The Surah then addresses all believers, emphasizing the importance of obeying Allah and His Messenger. It warns in opposition to taking sides with those who oppose the reality and urges the believers to remain steadfast of their religion and concepts. Hypocrisy is condemned, and it’s miles emphasized that proper believers should by no means compromise their integrity for worldly gains.

To illustrate the effects of disbelief and disobedience, the Surah attracts training from the stories of the better halves of two Prophets: Prophet Noah and Prophet Lot. Both had been married to righteous prophets but chose disbelief, which brought about their downfall. These bills function a reminder that one’s religion is a personal preference, and mere affiliation with pious individuals does not guarantee salvation.

Surah At-Tahrim also highlights the significance of seeking forgiveness and turning to Allah in honest repentance. It reassures the believers that Allah is Ever-Forgiving and Compassionate. No rely how grave their mistakes might be, proper repentance will cause Allah’s pardon and mercy.

In conclusion, Surah At-Tahrim is a effective chapter that addresses vital elements of religion and conduct. It emphasizes the significance of agree with, obedience, sincerity, and looking for forgiveness. The Surah offers treasured insights into maintaining sturdy moral individual, guarding against hypocrisy, and cultivating a deep connection with Allah.


What is the principal subject matter of Surah At-Tahrim?

The important issues are obedience to Allah and His Messenger, warding off hypocrisy, and in search of forgiveness.

Why is Surah At-Tahrim vital for Muslims?

It presents guidance on strengthening faith, keeping top conduct, and looking for forgiveness.

What is the importance of the incident with the Prophet’s better halves?

It teaches approximately respecting confidentiality and warding off gossip.

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