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Surah Sad

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Surah NameSurah Sad
Surah Number38
Number of Verses88
Place of RevelationMecca
Period of RevelationEarly Meccan period
Named AfterThe Arabic letter “Sad”

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Surah Sad

The Surah commences with the Arabic letters Sad and Quran, emphasizing the divine origin and magnificence of the Quran. It then narrates the tales of two renowned prophets, David (Dawud) and Solomon (Sulaiman), both bestowed with immense knowledge and authority by Allah.

The story of David and Goliath is vividly depicted, underscoring the triumph of faith and reliance on Allah as young and devout David defeats the tyrant Goliath with Allah’s help. The Surah further explores the story of Solomon, his wisdom, and his communication with various creatures, including birds and jinn, all by Allah’s will.

Besides the narratives of these prophets, Surah Sad addresses the doubts and demanding situations posed through the disbelievers of Mecca to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It strongly emphasizes that the Quran is a divine revelation, not the words of a poet or a soothsayer, and warns the disbelievers of the outcomes of rejecting it.

Throughout the Surah, the subject matter of divine mercy and forgiveness is reiterated, conveying the message that honest repentance can cause forgiveness and salvation, regardless of the volume of one’s sins.

The Surah also touches upon the Day of Judgment, describing its events and the fate of the righteous and the wicked. It stresses the importance of holding steadfast to the path of righteousness and remaining patient in the face of trials and adversity.

Surah Sad concludes with a powerful affirmation of Allah’s sovereignty and the wisdom behind His decrees. It reminds believers of the greatness of Allah and encourages them to place their complete trust in Him.


What is the name and number of this Surah in the Quran?

This Surah is named “Surah Sad” and is the 38th chapter in the Quran.

When and where was Surah Sad revealed?

Surah Sad was revealed in Mecca during the early Meccan period.

How many verses does Surah Sad contain?

Surah Sad consists of 88 verses (ayahs).

How does it inspire believers?

Inspires through prophet’s stories, faith reinforcement, and reliance on Allah.

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