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Comprising 54 verses, Surah Saba traverses across the 22nd and 23rd sections of the Quran. It unfolds the significance of Divine wisdom, the repercussions of disbelief, and the significance of gratitude and humility in the presence of the Creator. Specifically, verses 15 to 20 unravel the narrative of Prophet Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, underscoring the wonders of nature, Solomon’s bestowed wisdom, and the profound insights to draw from their exchange.

Surah Saba PDF

Surah Saba PDF

Surah NameSurah Saba
Surah Number34
RevelationRevealed in Makkah
Number of Verses54
Place of RevelationMakkah
Period of RevelationEarly in the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH)
Named AfterThe story of the people of Sheba (Saba)

Surah Saba PDF Download

Surah Saba Read Online

Surah Saba

Named after the people of Sheba, Surah Saba delves into multifaceted themes. It unravels the evidence of God’s presence woven into the fabric of the universe, sheds light on the consequences of disbelief, and extols the rewards destined for those who nurture faith and righteousness.

This Surah accentuates the ineffable nature of God’s wisdom and knowledge, inspiring believers to embark on a journey of learning and contemplation. The narrative of Prophet Solomon and the Queen of Sheba serves as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of worldly possessions, prompting contemplation on the judicious employment of blessings.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Saba

The act of reciting and meditating upon Surah Saba offers an array of spiritual and moral advantages. This Surah casts a spotlight on the significance of gratitude and humility, urging believers to acknowledge and utilize their bestowed blessings in ways that align with God’s will. Additionally, it extends solace to those grappling with challenges, underscoring the ever-present mercy and guidance of God for those who seek solace in Him. Regular recitation cultivates a deeper comprehension of God’s wisdom woven into creation, nurturing a sense of awe and wonder.


Q: Can non-Arabic speakers gain from reciting Surah Saba?

A: Certainly. Although reciting the Surah in Arabic yields its own merits, the availability of translations empowers non-Arabic speakers to grasp the nuances and lessons nestled within its verses.

Q: Are there specific times recommended for reciting Surah Saba?

Q: How can I assimilate Surah Saba’s teachings into my life?

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