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Surah Rum

Surah Rum Details

Surah DetailsDetails
Surah NameSurah Rum
Surah Number30
Total Ayat60
Revelation PlaceMecca

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Surah Rum

Surah Ar-Rum, also known as “The Romans,” is the 30th chapter of the Holy Quran. It is a Meccan surah, which means it turned into discovered throughout the early length of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) prophet hood, at the same time as he became nonetheless within the city of Mecca.

The surah consists of 60 verses and derives its call from the mention of the Romans (Byzantines) within the first few verses. The central theme of Surah Ar-Rum revolves around the divine signs in the universe and the historical events that demonstrate the power and wisdom of Allah.

The surah begins by mentioning the defeat of the Byzantine Empire at the hands of the Persians and then their eventual victory, signifying the fluctuating fortunes of nations throughout history. Allah reminds the believers that such events are a part of His divine plan and serve as a lesson for humanity.

Throughout the surah, the signs of Allah’s existence and power are emphasized, encouraging reflection upon the wonders of the natural world. It points to the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of night and day, and the variety of languages and colours as signs of Allah’s creative might.

The surah also delves into the concept of resurrection and the Hereafter, reassuring believers that just as Allah has the power to create the universe, He has the power to resurrect all of humanity for judgment.

Surah Ar-Rum further discusses the differences between true faith and superstitions prevalent among the Arabs at that time. It highlights the importance of sincere worship and devotion to Allah alone and the rejection of false deities and idolatry.

Another significant theme of this surah is the signs within the human being, particularly the creation of spouses as a means of companionship and tranquillity. The surah acknowledges the signs of Allah’s existence and wisdom in the marital relationship, emphasizing love, mercy, and harmony between spouses.

In conclusion, Surah Ar-Rum serves as a reminder of the signs of Allah’s existence and power both within the universe and within ourselves. It encourages believers to reflect on these signs, strengthen their faith, and lead righteous lives in anticipation of the Hereafter. The surah also warns against arrogance and disbelief and offers lessons from historical events as a means of guidance for humanity.


Q1: What does “Ar-Rum” mean in Surah Ar-Rum?

In Surah Ar-Rum, “Ar-Rum” refers to the Romans or Byzantines, who are mentioned in the surah’s opening verses. They serve as an example of a nation that experienced defeat followed by victory, illustrating the unpredictability of historical events and highlighting Allah’s divine plan.

Q2: When was Surah Ar-Rum revealed?

Surah Ar-Rum was revealed during the early Meccan period of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) prophet hood.

Q3: How many verses does Surah Ar-Rum have?

Surah Ar-Rum consists of 60 verses (Ayat).

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