Surah Qariah PDF (Read Online & Download PDF)

Surah Qariah PDF (Read Online & Download PDF)

It is an accurate place for reading and downloading of Surah Qariah. You can recite the surah, and download it in PDF version as well.

“Surah Qariah” is known with another name, which is stated as “The Calamity”. This is the description of the situation of Qiyamat, and it is favorable approach for the better values, adopted by Muslims. They have belief to get rewards from Almighty Allah, and it is suitable source to live with pleased conditions. The fear of God is making the life secure, which is way to get blessings in the Heaven.

Short Introduction of “Surah Qariah”

Name of Surah“Surah Qariah”
Name of Para30
Status of SurahMakki
Ayat of Surah11
Sequence in Quran101

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Details of “Surah Qariah”

“Surah Qariah” is the important surah in 30th para, and it has 11 ayats. The surah has 36 words, and 158 letters, which are useful for getting rewards with reciting it. The striking hour is also a particular name of “Surah Qariah”, and it is due to concept of this surag. He basic name Qariah is driven from the 1st ayat of this surah. The knowledge ability of human is also mentioned in it, and it is described that knowledge of humans is limited. They should struggle for getting improvement in it.

“Surah Qariah” is describing the condition of humans on the Day of Judgment, and this practice is showing the difference in good and bad deeds. Those people, who have good deeds, will get good rewards from the heaven. On the other hand, people with bad deed will get punishment in the hell. This practice is demonstrating the human abilities to adopt positive trends, and make the life agreeable in the community. These dimensions are supportive for living with easiness. Several people are reciting “Surah Qariah” with its meaning to know the situation of judgment in the specific day. It is increasing the fear, and getting consciousness to adopt good trends in the life.


What is the status of “Surah Qariah”?

It is Makki Surah

What is the sequence number of “Surah Qariah?

In which Para, “Surah Qariah” is available?

Describe the ayats of “Surah Qariah”?

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