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The recitation of “Surah Nas” is very easy in the present age, as you can view it online. You have to visit the website for reciting online, and it is an easy process to download the PDF document of “Surah An-Nas” as well. For knowing precise information about “Surah An-Nas”, you have to check the details below,

Surah Nas PDF

Surah Nas Details

Name of Surah“Surah An-Nas”
Name of Para30
Status of SurahMakki
Ayat of Surah6
Sequence in Quran114

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Surah Nas Pdf Download

Surah Nas Download Pdf

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“Surah Nas” is a short Surah, and it is available in 30th para. The recitation of this surah is making life secure from the bad deeds of the people. Those persons, which are willing to live happily, should recite it after prayers, and it is easy to remember as well. you can find it in Quran Kareem by viewing the 30th para, and it is Makki Surah with 6 ayats.

Some children are reciting it orally because they are directed to remember it orally. Meanwhile, young generation and old people are also in a position to recite it orally. The pleasure of life is very important, and it may be acquired by the use of religious methods.

For this purpose, “Surah An-Naas” is very crucial for such conditions. The recitation of this surah is making life secure from the terrible deeds of individuals. Those people, which will live cheerfully, ought to recount it after supplications, and it is not difficult to recollect also. A few kids are recounting it orally, in light of the fact that they are coordinated to orally recall it. In the meantime, youthful age, and elderly folks individuals are additionally ready to orally recount it. The delight of life is vital, and it could be gained by the utilization of strict strategies. For this reason, “Surah Al Naas” is exceptionally pivotal for such circumstances. Therefore, people have to recite this surah, and it is Makki Surah with 6 ayats.


Q1: What is the status of “Surah An-Naas”?

It is Makki Surah

Q2: What is sequence number of “Surah Al Naas”


Q3: In which Para, “Surah Al Ikhlas” is available?

Para 30

Q4: Describe the ayats of “Surah Al Ikhlas”?


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