Surah Mutaffifin PDF (Read Online & Download PDF)

It is an accurate place for reading and downloading of Surah Mutaffifin . You can recite the surah, and download it in PDF version as well.

Surah Mutaffifin PDF (Read Online & Download PDF)

“Surah Mutaffifin” is the 83rd surah, and it is relevant to the adoption of better values in moral grounds. This is building of personality to deal with the public fairly. This practice is increasing the respect in the world, and making the human beings united as well.

Short introduction of “Surah Mutaffifin”

Name of Surah“Surah Mutaffifin ”
Name of Para30
Status of SurahMakki
Ayat of Surah36
Sequence in Quran83

Surah Mutaffifin PDF Download

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Details of “Surah Mutaffifin ”

“Surah Mutaffifin” is famous with many names, like the cheaters, the unjust, and the stinters. It has 750 letters, and 169 words, which are descring the 36ayats of his surah. The topic of this surah is the defaming of those people, which are unjust in their business deals. These people are disliked by the Almighty Allah. They will be rewarded with punishment in this world, as well as they will gain the results of their actions in the Day of Judgment as well. this scenario is building the moral values, which are essential for getting good personality traits. In the meanwhile, “Surah Mutaffifin” is showing the complexity of humans due to fraud activities, and these can be removed with the use of fair and justice activities. The reciting process of “Surah Mutaffifin” is very easy, and it should be recited in the prayers. This action is rewarded with the safety from the hell, and it is an easy procedure for the Muslims. The positivity in deeds is very important for the humans, and it is way of building a constructive society. The directions of “Surah Mutaffifin” are relevant to the better character of Muslims, and these are supportive for living with pleasure and justice. It means, Muslims should follow the direction of “Surah Mutaffifin” for getting easiness in the social life.


What is the status of “Surah Mutaffifin”?

It is Makki Surah

What is the sequence number of “Surah Mutaffifin?

In which Para, “Surah Mutaffifin” is available?

Describe the ayats of “Surah Mutaffifin ”?

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