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Surah Abasa, also known as “He frowned,” stands as the 80th chapter of the Quran, comprising 42 verses. It was revealed in Makkah and holds significant spiritual insights and guidance for believers. This article delves into the significance of Surah Abasa and presents the benefits of its recitation in a succinct and structured manner.

Surah Abasa PDF details

Surah NameSurah Abasa
Surah Number80
RevelationRevealed in Makkah
Number of Verses42
Place of RevelationMakkah
Period of RevelationEarly in the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH)
Named AfterThe reference to “He frowned”

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Surah Abasa Overview

Surah Abasa derives its name from the initial word of the chapter, translating to “He frowned.” The Surah addresses an incident involving the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and a visually impaired man who sought his attention. While engaged in conversation with influential leaders of the Quraysh, the Prophet momentarily ignored the blind man, prompting Allah to admonish him through the revelation of this Surah.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Abasa

  • Reflecting on the Prophet’s interaction with the blind man fosters heightened empathy and understanding towards others, regardless of their circumstances.
  • The Surah cultivates humility by underscoring the value of modesty and the avoidance of arrogance, even in interactions with those deemed less fortunate.
  • Surah Abasa encourages individuals to introspect and evaluate their attitudes and behaviors, facilitating a deeper comprehension of personal character and the potential for positive development.
  • Recitation of this Surah reinforces the idea of balancing spiritual values with worldly pursuits, aiding
  • The Surah promotes patience in the face of challenges and setbacks, mirroring the blind man’s perseverance despite initial neglect.


What is the significance of Surah Abasa?

Surah Abasa, also referred to as “He frowned,” holds a special place as the 80th chapter of the Quran. Its revelation took place in Makkah, and it consists of 42 verses.

Why is Surah Abasa named as such?

What event does Surah Abasa address?

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