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The Quran is a sacred book that holds special importance for Muslims. The recitation of this holy text carries great spiritual value. Quran Para 9 (قَالَ الْمَلَ) of the Quran is especially significant as its verses cover many different areas related to faith and guidance. In the digital age, religious texts have become more accessible and engaging than they ever were. 

Quran Para 9 Details Qalal Malao (قَالَ الْمَلَ)

Para 9Details
Para NameQalal Malao
Total Surah in Para 9Surah Al-Araf and Surah Al Anfal
Total Ayat159
Total Page20
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Quran Para 9 PDF Download

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Summary of Para 9

Prophet Shu’ayb who lived in Madyan, east of Sinai faced rejection and persecution: but such arrogant leaders of his community said, “We will taunt you out of our town Shuayb we and all those who follow your sect in worship” until ultimately? They were seized with a great earthquake so violent that they finished lying face down inside their homes.

97 “Had they been believers, they would have been blessed.” Quran People can’t believe more and people get stubborn, they become arrogant when people ignore the guidance.

Musa’s Story

Musa’s amazing story starts from here as he confronts the Pharaoh’s anger. “We sent Musa with our signs to Pharaoh and his companions but they denied them.”(103) He said, let the Israelites go alongside me. Despite witnessing the miracle of Musa’s staff becoming a snake and his palm glowing brighter than the sun, Pharaoh refused to hear. 

Instead, he dares him to engage in a contest with his magicians. When the contest occurs and magicians face reality, they surrender to Musa’s miracle and embrace Islam. He commanded that they must be murdered. 126) They prayed, “Our Lord, give us patience and let us die in total submission to You.”

Then Pharaoh warns the Israelites that if they try to escape, he will kill them. Musa tells them to be patient and hopeful. Musa eventually leads them out of Egypt. Nor do they take too long before the Israelites forget this favor and make a senseless plea “Musa, let us have god-like their gods.” Needless to say, he is appalled by their attitude.

Musa travels to Mount Sinai where he meets Allah. “We retained Musa on Mount Sinai … for forty days”. On the other hand, they prepared a calf as their god. When Musa came back from Sinai he was horrified with their behaviour. The Quran discusses their problem as arrogance that blinds people to the blessings of Allah’s guidance; “because they denied our signs and paid no attention” (146).

“Musa chose seventy men of his people to approach Allah. Musa did not specify what would happen with their request, but due to the rudeness committed by them against a prophet and divine messenger, they were killed by lightning. Once more for forgiveness Moses prays; We order you in this world only good Saying we come back low heading before your glory” So they were resurrected.

Rebellion and Rejection of The Truth

After seeing this kind of disobedience, you ask yourself what a religious man looks like. We have witnessed all rebellion and rejection of the truth. Well, read this description of the people of Allah, the blessed ones: “And those who believe in him and worship him, support his cause, listen to the light with which he was sent. The much loved Mohammed is commanded to impart a universal call: Said people I am a messenger of you from your lord creator Majesty high over the heavens and earth beseech His authority; He alone God gives life and death. So trust in Allah and His Messenger.

This digression over we resume the Musa story, as left in Sinai. Water was a necessity and for that reason, each of the twelve tribes was provided with a fountain to drink at. Later, some of them settled on the shores of the Red Sea and were advised not to do any work at all during Sabbath. Saturday was dedicated to worship and rest.

Further punishment was that they would be scattered around the world: It is known as a fact of Jewish history, ” Let there arise against the wrongdoers, people who will inflict terrible torment upon them from now until Judgement Day. A warning to Muslims also, if you break Allah’s orders beware!

Struggle To Fight Temptation

The nature of man is Divine, created by Allah with the capacity to acknowledge and accept its Creator. “Remember, O children of Adam, when Your Lord extracted them from their sides and created witnesses for each other. He said, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They replied, “Yes we testify.” So that on the Day of Judgment you will never be able to claim ignorance about this hadith” (172). This was the first gathering of human souls; an oath of allegiance.

It is a struggle to fight temptations. This may be demonstrated by the story of Ballam ibn Baur. He was a knowledgeable follower of Musa, who got arrogant and challenged Musa; “Had We desired to raise his status because of it then he inclined towards low things and followed his whims” (171).

Do they have hands to hold? Is there something to look at? Do they have ears to hear?” Satan is the main mastermind of idolatry, but the pious avoid being trapped by Satan: by seeking Allah’s refuge. قال: انت -و الله- سمع,عՍي.

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