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The Quran is a holy book that is a light in the life of Muslims around the world. Quran Para 6 Lan Tanalu (لَايُحِبُّ اللَّهُ) of the Quran is a key part of this sacred book. Fortunately, today it’s very easy to study the Quran because we are in a digital age. Many websites let people read Para 6 of the Quran online. This allows them to learn and think about its teachings in their own time.

Quran Para 6 Lan Tanalu (لَايُحِبُّ اللَّهُ) Details

Para NameLa Yuhibbullah (لَايُحِبُّ اللَّهُ)
Total Surah in Para 6Surah Anam
Total Ayat110
Total Page20
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Summary of Para 6
Surat An-Nisa continued

If someone is treated unfairly, they can tell who did the bad things. A key idea in religion is ‘all or nothing’. You can’t pick one thing and skip another, it’s total agreement or total refusal. There is no middle way!

Then comes the tale of Prophet Isa and how Jews let him down. It also chides the Christians for making up tales about his crucifixion, returning to life and divine nature. The Quran clearly says that Isa did not die. He was brought back to life and will come again close to the end of all times. Despite this criticism of the Jews and Christians we are reminded not to stereotype, they are not all alike: Some are taught the right way while others go wrong.

People are told to be careful not to get too crazy or twist what the Gospels mean in a way that goes against Isa’s teachings. Their ideas: that he died for everyone’s bad actions, God is in three parts and the son of a higher power are all wrong. Why do they think Isa might feel ashamed to be called the servant of Allah? The Prophet Muhammed was very good in many ways, but he liked to be called ‘the servant of Allah’ a lot. He is the messenger, a clear sign of God’s greatness. So, people who trust in God and stick to their faith will be treated nicely by His help. He will lead them towards Himself in a straight way.

Surat al-Ma’ida – The Feast

This chapter is shown in a place called Madinah after agreeing Hudaibiya, except for one part which says “Today I have finished your religion for you.” This happened during the Farewell Hajj 10AH/631CE. The time after the Treaty of Hudaibiya started a new chapter in Muslim history. Now they could spread Islam freely in the Arabian Peninsula, as stated in their agreement. The money power of the Jewish tribes was not as strong anymore. The Muslims were sure and happy about this situation.

Allah’s deal with Muslims is explained. It places it in the situation of deals that Jews and Christians had with God. They broke rules, made up false ideas and altered some laws in the Torah and Gospel. So, they were removed from being the chosen people of God. Muslims are told, to follow the rules of Shariah to get Allah’s approval. Allah likes people who follow the rules.

Cooperate and don’t hate

The next section forbids certain kinds of meat: “Carrion; blood; pork; anything that is killed in a name other than Allah’s; animals strangled, hit hard on the body and fall from heights dying. Also if eaten by wild beasts except you can slaughter them before their death – they are okay to eat.” [3] Animals hunted by dogs and birds of prey trained to hunt are allowed in halal food.

Adultery is not allowed, if you want to be good and pure then get married. Muslims can marry Jewish and Christian ladies; they should not have sex without being married, or be involved in affairs.

The five daily prayers are required. Before these prayers, the person must do a special cleaning ritual called Wudu. Fairness is needed to create a united and peaceful society. Behave justly, give up discrimination: “People who believe, stay true to God and be fair. Don’t let others hatred stop you from being just.” (8)

The Israelite’s agreement is looked at again, some followed it but others ignored it. So, they are asked to follow the path of the blessed Prophet to fix their past mistakes. Especially, the Christian belief in Trinity “Those who say ‘Christ is God and son of Maryam’ are saying something that isn’t true” (17).

The penalty for people who begin a war is death

The next part is an ask to become nearer to God by being mindful, having good friends around you, looking for a spiritual guide and finding ways of doing good things. This only comes from being fair, and not having lots of money. Another Divine law to promote justice: Giving back an eye for an eye is fair, but to forgive people shows kindness.

God made the different religions

“God could have made you all one people but He wants to test what we do with the things he gives. So, compete in good actions and remember that everyone comes back to God.” (48) Be careful not to pick teams out of fear and be unfair. If you support God’s lovers, they will win a tough battle. But if you stop believing in your faith it can damage everything about yourself.

Likewise, a warning is given to those who make fun of the religious practices of other people. “When they pray, some treat it as a joke and game because they don’t understand.” (59) They’re warned: “They will face the wrath of God and act like monkeys, pigs, or people who worship false deities,” (60). Christians are asked to stop believing in the Trinity so they can reach salvation.

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