Quran Para 5 Wal Mohsanat (وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ) PDF and Recite

Quran Para 5 Wal Mohsanat (وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ) PDF and Recite

The Quran is a holy book for Muslims. People must read and learn its lessons. They can connect with the Quran by reading all the paras in it. Quran Para 5 Wal Mohsanat (وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ) of the Quran has many verses from chapter 4, named Surah An-Nisa (The Women). It talks about some subjects like marriage, inheritance and why justice is important. You can read the Para 5 of the Quran. Moreover, you can download a PDF of Quran Para 5.

Quran Para 5 Wal Mohsanat PDF Details

Para NameWal Mohsanat (وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ)
Total Surah in Para 5Surah An Nisa
Total Ayat124
Total Page20
Download SourceGoogle Drive

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Summary of Para 5

Here is a summary of Para 5:

Surat An-Nisa continued

The fifth part of the book starts by saying that a man and woman can only have closeness and love in marriage. Marriage is the most loved connection and dowry shows how important it is. The Quran says to only marry a believing woman. Marriage is a great set-up where two people share happy and sad times. The key to a good marriage is telling the truth.


Be happy with your part of the inheritance after they passed away. Do not wish for more. In verse 34, it answers the hard question – why are men and women given unequal parts? Since guys need to spend money on their wives, they get more inheritance and have to work for the family’s support.

Even though marriage is a loving connection, problems will still happen. So how can you fix the fighting in your marriage? The Quran says that ‘Mediation’ is the way to go. Whilst discussing family issues we are reminded about the purpose of religion: Praise God…be nice to mom and dad, family members, kids without parents, and people who need help. treat your neighbors well too as any traveler passing by.

Verses 44 to 57 talk about some issues Muslims were having with the Jews in Madinah. The Quran talks sadly about growing envy and anger. It tells everyone to follow the rules and authority properly.

Obedience to the Messenger is a source of blessing

Good leadership is a strong bond that keeps a community united. “Believers, obey Allah, the Messenger and those in charge among you,” says one verse (59). Another verse clarifies why the Prophet’s guidance was so crucial for people to follow: God sent all messengers with one purpose – only they should be obeyed by everyone through their faith If only when they made a mistake with themselves, they would come to you and ask God as well as the Messenger for forgiveness” (64). Those who obey the Messenger are blessed: “Whoever listens to God and the prophet, these are loved by God just like Prophets, truthful people, martyrs and righteous. What a great group of friends!” (69).

Jihad isn’t for worldly gains

Verses 71 to 80 say Jihad for worldly gains is bad and going after real justice matters. There’s no way out of death when the time comes.

Tackling Hypocrisy

Verses 81 to 91 talk about the issues caused by Hypocrites, a well-known group who were not with Muslims and didn’t openly fight against them. They acted like traitors finding reasons all the time for not following Shariah rules of law. The Muslims are told not to pay attention to them and don’t worry about their lies. The way to fight hypocrisy is, to be truthful and real with yourself.

To look after and help others, especially family members. Show love and respect for community leaders by always being polite. These rules will make a peaceful, friendly and fair community. The fine for unintentional homicide and killing (92-3). Killing means getting the death penalty and making Allah angry.

Develop a good character

The Quran wants to develop the character of its followers, so it is peppered with pearls of wisdom: “Don’t judge or ignore others, instead be open and real with them.” This is about Muslims who couldn’t leave Makkah. If you meet strangers don’t show wrong thoughts because only Allah knows how they feel inside their hearts. But, this doesn’t excuse those who could have moved but didn’t. There is a secret push to move away from a place where you can’t follow your religion.

Standing up for Justice

When rules about inheritance were announced, supporters of old ways got mad. So the Quran encouraged people to fight for fairness and go against bias. “People who believe, stand up for justice as God’s witnesses even if it goes against you. Do this no matter how rich or poor a person is.” (135)

The hypocrites were the ones wearing masks, the two-faced cowards walking around causing trouble. They waited for the winner to appear before they believed. People are told it will be a long wait forever. They tricked Allah Almighty; they pretended to pray, and the Muslims were warned not to take them as friends because we couldn’t trust them.

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