Quran Para 3 Tilka Rasool (تلک الرسل) PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 3 Tilka Rasool (تلک الرسل) is one of the sections of the Quran. Quran Para 3 consists of two chapters, namely Al-Baqarah (The Cow), verses 142 to 252, and Al-Imran (The Family of Imran), verses 1 to 92. These chapters touch upon various themes such as the importance of prayer, charity, and belief in God’s existence. Quran Para 3 provides valuable insights into the teachings of Islam and serves as a source of spiritual guidance and enlightenment for Muslims.

Quran Para 3 Tilka Rasool (تلک الرسل) PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 3 Tilka Rasool (تلک الرسل)

Reading the Quran online, listening to its audio, or downloading it as a PDF allows Muslims to access its teachings and gain a deeper understanding of their faith. Online platforms and apps provide easy and convenient access to the Quran, making it accessible not only to Muslims but also to individuals curious about Islam.

Quran Para 3 Details

Para NameTilkal Rusul & Lan Tana Loo
Total Surah in Para 3Al-Imran
Total Ayat126
Total Page18
Download SourceGoogle Drive

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Summary of Para 3

The first part of this Juz talks about the order in spiritual power, prophets are shown respect based on their positions. This helped the Israelites believe they were special or chosen people. But, God makes the rule of meritocracy and it’s based on faith, hard work and Divine favour. The ‘Verse of the Throne’ is a beautiful picture of how powerful and in charge Allah is with everything that exists. The message it sends to everyone is that if you do good things, you can be friends with God and feel close to him.

Religious Freedom is often Talked about in the Quran

“There are no forces in religion. Help is different from mistakes. Anyone who says no to false gods and only believes in Allah is holding the best support, which will never break. God listens to everyone and knows everything (256).
The theme of Allah’s friendship with the believers continues and examples are given of how He cared for His friends:
Ibrahim beats the bad ruler Emperor Namrood.
Uzair sees God’s control over life and death.
Ibrahim sees birds come back to life after they die.

Parables are told to Show their Virtue in Glowing Terms:

A single-grain story shows that giving one pound will earn seven hundred pounds.
The story of the rock covered in soil teaches us not to be shallow and rude when giving. Instead, we should give freely without expecting anything back.
Give either openly or secretly to please Allah.
Understand who needs help and find a good cause to give support.
Allah says he declares war on people who want to charge very high rates of interest for loans. Usury is against our kind nature, where we should be nice and caring rather than using the less fortunate to make more money.

Surah Aal-e-Imran is About the Family of Imran

After the battle of Uhud in 3 AH, The Juz called ‘The Family of Imran’ began. It talks about how Maryam gave birth to Isa and she was also his mother according to a story mentioned there.

The Quran is the very measure of good. It says that God’s messages have been constant since time began and include the laws from Jewish Scriptures, writings given to other prophets and Christian Gospels too. The Quran is part of that tradition and the last message. So, the Book People are asked to accept this last message.

Looking for secret meanings in the Quran can lead to confusion. So, the Quran says we should not focus on parts of it that are hard to understand or can be taken in different ways. We shouldn’t make up our meanings that don’t agree with what God intended because this caused big disagreements between Jews and Christians.

The last sentence also means Allah is the one who understands these difficult lines from his holy book totally ( The Christian belief that Jesus is God and the claim he’s ‘son of God’ shows a random way to understand what the Gospel says.

Having Money and Power Doesn’t Mean You Will Be Successful 

The loss of the Makkans in the Battle of Badr proved this truth. The money and stuff of this world don’t last long. But the good things you get from living the right life will stay with you forever in paradise. This comes from giving in to God, and a strong dedication to helping the Lord. This is real religion, the directions and path. So, those who don’t listen will be given a punishment.

The Story of Maryam

The tale of Maryam’s early life is beautifully shared through the miracles that happened near her. When Prophet Zakariyya saw the carer, he prayed. Allah gave him a son named Yahya. This is then followed by a story about how Mary became pregnant without having sex and gave birth to Isa. People say that Maryam is the best among all women of her time.

Maryam spends her childhood in the sacred temple. She will be the mom of a big prophet, Isa. When Jibreel tells her that she will have a baby from God, she is frightened. But she’s sure that Allah is giving her blessings. Isa grew up and talked about Tawhid, some people agreed with him but others did not. Isa gathers his followers, who say they are Muslims.

Even though Judaism, Christianity and Islam have different beliefs, they are still told to sit down together. This plea encourages peaceful coexistence: “People who read the book, let’s all agree on a statement we share: We only worship Allah.” (64). To prove the commonality of the three faiths the Quran stated: that Ibrahim wasn’t a Jew or Christian because the Torah and Gospels were shown later. The three religions are asked to follow him. This is a way from the Quran to make up.

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