Quran Para 26 (حم) PDF and Recite Online

Para 26 of the Quran is an important chapter that has Surahs that discuss different dimensions of faith, guidance, and moral teachings. To grasp and apply these teachings, it is necessary to read the Quran. As the Quran is the Holy book for Muslims they can read it and get good teachings too. It is a good way to lead your life according to the teachings of Islam.

Moreover, it will help you lead a good life. You can get solutions to your problem as the Quran has it all. In this article, you can read the summary of the para and also get to read the summary.

Quran Para 26 (حم) PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 26 Details

Para 26Details
Para NameHa’a Meem (حم)
Total Surah in Para 26Surah al-Ahqaf, Surah Muhammad, Surah al-Fath, Surah al-Hujarat, Surah Qaf
Total Ayat195 verses
Total Page20
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Summary of Quran Para 26

Here is a summary of Quran Para 26:

Surat al-Ahqaf – The Sand Dunes

Surah 26 begins with al Ahqaf and was revealed before the migration of Prophet ﷺ to Madinah. When he returned from Taif, a group of Jinn visited him. The opening tells about the weakness of idols and sets it against the creative power of Allah. Then she explains how Allah had been communicating with humanity through His messengers, thus the arrival of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was not strange at all. In fact, his advent was prophesied by Musa in the Torah and Isa in the Gospels. The Quran comments on the suspicious mind of the disbelievers: “The disbelievers say to the believers, ‘If this religion was any good then you wouldn’t have believed in it before us’ (11).

Relationship between children and parents

The following section promotes relationships between parents and children. The child is born out of the mother’s womb, nursed and brought up by that same woman until he or she grows to be strong enough. In the same manner as we should thank our parents and be grateful to them for what they have provided us with, it is also important that we give thanks to Allah, who has made us in His own image. Surah issues a threat to the Makkans about people of sand dunes since they were unruly. Finally, the story of a group of Jinns who visited the Prophet is narrated to inspire people.

Surat Muhammad

Juz 26 onwards is Surah Muhammad which was revealed in Madinah before the Battle of Badr. In the year 2 Hijrah Muslims were allowed to take up arms against their suppressors. “Permission to fight is given to those who were attacked and oppressed” (Surat al-Hajj: 39). Muslim scholars hold the view that war is only allowed if it’s in Defence. Offensive invasions are not permitted. This is the age of this hostility. The Surah starts by alluding to the constant strife between truth and falsehood and exhorts the believers not give up.

Then there are pictures of the luxuries abounding in Paradise; “There are rivers for drinking with water never tasting nor smelling different, milk that will always have a pleasing taste to whoever drinks it and wine poured into huge cups making its drinkers drunk while completely sober at the same time, then honey flowing out from gold bowls” (15).

Surat al-Fath – The Victory

Juz 26 carries on with Surat al Fath. It was unveiled in the Hijra of the 6th year following the Treaty of Hudaibiya. The Prophet had Umrah dreams. He told his disciples the following day. Many were excited and preparations set in for the sacred journey. There were nearly 1400 devotees who participated, where their sacrificial animals had been marked on flanks and with wreaths around the neck. The Makkans were afraid of the coming Muslims. They had to choose between violating the long-standing Arabian tradition of freely welcoming every passerby into Makkah or how to keep them away. The Muslims had reached Hudaibiya, which is eight miles from the city. This was a new beginning in their history.

Surat al-Hujarat The Living Quarters

Surat al-Hujarat continues in Juz 26. This Surah was revealed in the ninth year of Hijrah, following two events: A group of new Muslims from the Bedouin tribe Bani Tamim approached and started yelling for him to come out into his living room. The Surah condemned their behavior and gave basic guidelines for showing due respect to the leader. The second case involved a falsehood that some of the Zakat collectors passed on to the Prophet regarding his tribe Bani Mustaliq. So he told the Messenger that this tribe was reluctant to pay Zakat but later on, it proved false. The revelation condemned this.

Surah Qaf

Surat Qaf is the final one in Para 26. A Makkan Surah which argues the truth of Resurrection and Divine Judgment. The sceptics are astounded by the concept of afterlife. The Quran answers them by making the evidence visible from nature. the making of heavens and Earth, mountains and gardens from which they feed. Then evidence from human history: the ruins of past rebellious nations. The Surah poetically questions, “Made the first creation wear Us out? By no means; They merely cast a doubt on whether there might be another one” (15).

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