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The Quran is the Holy book of Islam. It is considered as the word of God through the prophet Muhammad. The Quran is divided into 30 chapters, known as paras. In this section, there are selected verses that are special teachings for Muslims. These verses address different subjects such as the development of the universe, the story of previous prophets, and life lessons on patience and practicing gratitude.

Quran Para 25 PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 25 Details

Para 25Details
Para NameElahe Yuruddo (إِلَيْهِ يُرَدُّ )
Total Surah in Para 25Surah Fussilat, Surah Al-Shura, Surah Al-Zukhruf, Surah Al-Dukhaan, Surah Al- Jathiyah
Total Ayat246 verses
Total Page20
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Summary of Quran Para 25

Here is the summary of Quran Para 25:

Surat al-Shura – The Consultation

The Makkans did not merely oppose the belief of Tawhid but disowned that a human could be God’s prophet. 5 This is a counterargument. Their conviction, therefore, is absurd and insulting. The main idea is the truthfulness of Prophethood. To define the unusual, peculiar, and otherness of Allah narrating “There is nothing like Him” (11). It provides a list of guidelines for inviting people to the way of Allah.

The message is to choose the right one. Would you rather have the harvest of this life or that of the Hereafter? The mission of the Prophet is to help us make the right choice: “Speak to you saying, ‘I do not ask any reward about this job from your side (23). And whosoever does good We shall make its effect praiseworthy for him.” The following verses describe the rationale behind disparities among human abilities. Human civilization would not prosper and people wouldn’t be willing to cooperate.

Surat al-Zukhruf – The Golden Ornaments

Surat al-Zukhruf continues from Para 25. It begins by showing a loving Allah “Do We turn you away and leave off this Reminder, because it calls to people who’ve gone beyond limits?” (5), no matter how cold-hearted or unwilling the human soul is.

The disbelievers’ contradictory beliefs are revealed. They acknowledged Allah as the Creator, but they worshiped idols. The belief that the heavens and Earth were made by the Almighty, knowing was also formed as another contradictory ideology about Allah. Similarly, loss of honor filled angels when they had daughters yet their creator is immortalized “If you ask them who created the heavens nay Ayat 9.

They rebuked the Prophet Muhammad because he was poor and it shows why should not be leading. The Quran refutes them, “Why was this Quran not revealed to a famous personality from either of the two towns?” 31. Allah gives an idea of His indifference to material richness. I wished that you could have delegated all this wealth even to disbelievers so much they would put on their roofs, the staircases, and furnishing of your rooms 33 – 35 But it did not like.

Surat al-Dukhaan – The Smoke

The following Surah is al-Dukhaan. This Surah was revealed during the time of famine in Makkah. Dust swirled and shrouded the city in a smoke cloud. The Makkans requested the Prophet to ask for its reprieve and assured him they would believe it if delivered. He prayed and it rained but they did not honor their word just as the children of Pharaoh broke their promise. The Quran narrates the story as a warning. Some view the smoke cloud as a catastrophe near the end of Final Hour, which might be either by a nuclear explosion or Earth hit by a comet.

People of Hell are then depicted in a terrible image; they were fed on the tree of Zaqqum. The fruit makes its way into the stomach tearing it apart as if boiling. O how different from the pleasures that are in store for pious people of Paradise. The Quran serves as a message to bring God-consciousness in people. 59), “So wait, even so, the disbelievers are also waiting.”

Surat al-Jathiyah – Kneeling

Surat al-Jathiyah concludes Para 25. It speaks of Tawhid, the unity and unique nature of Allah while dethroning idols. This teaching is the core of Islam. The first paragraph wonders at nature. The wondrous signs in everything that is created, demonstrate the presence of a Creator. From plants to animals, from celestial bodies down to the rain cycle. The Divine creativity is highlighted and the idolaters are challenged to ponder upon their helplessness. 20 It is the Quran that has a whole lot of wisdom for mankind, guidance, and mercy to have on those who are steadfast in their beliefs.

Leader of Quraysh Against Prophet

The leaders of Quraysh were against the Messenger because he was too religious and could threaten their reputation and riches. They were afraid that the income gained from pilgrims would cease to exist if their current perceptions were changed. They were against him to protect their supremacy and even tried defending the gods. Too much was at stake. They are warned of the consequences of their rebellion: “When you will witness all the communities bowing down, is truly when each of these small societies shall be called upon before their Book of Accounts” (28). The Surah concludes how it started, discussing Allah’s greatness.

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