Quran Para 24 PDF and Recite Online

Studying Para 24 of the Quran enables Muslims to explore important dimensions within their faith, guidance, and social lives. The Surahs in this section discuss ideas like death and resurrection, good behavior while living a righteous life as well as appropriate conduct within society. Delving into the descriptions of Para 24 opens up a gold mine of knowledge and advice for Muslims looking to live their lives per Islamic teachings to become truly fulfilled individuals.

Quran Para 24 PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 24 Details 

Para 24Details
Para NameAn-Nur 
Total Surah in Para 24Surah Ghafir, Surah Fussilat
Total Ayat175
Total Page20
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Summary of Juz 24

Here is the summary of Para 24. 

Surat Az-Zumar continued

Surat Zumar continues from Juz 24. The unthankful person is selfish and follows whims and desires therefore, “That’s what will disturb them the evil of they did”. 51 “Will the sinners escape their miseries because of their actions?

The last section of the Surah outlines how hordes of evil men will be thrown into fire. 71. When the angels ask, “Did not messengers come to you from among yourselves reciting for you what your Lord reveals and warns of this Day?” They will regret it. This is the purpose of presenting the Hereafter in the present: to jolt and awaken us. At the end, we hear about the dignified entrance of believers into Paradise, with angels singing praises to their Lord.

Surat al-Mumin – The believer

“This is a revelation from Allah the Almighty, The next Surate al-Mumin begins with this claim.” The disbelievers reject this so arguments from human history, experience, and the natural world are made. Their determination to refute whatever is said comes from false pride in their wisdom and wealth which blinds them. 

They wrongly believe that material things would help them and they do not need the Almighty. Materialism is a great interest in this worldly life so they do not believe anything other than the problems of their lives. 83. “So, when Our Messengers came to them with clear signs, they smugly continued to enjoy their knowledge and eventually were engulfed by the punishment that they used to mock”.

The Angels Pray For Spirituality

The angels pray for the spiritually inclined: “Our Lord, All of things are in the shadow of Your Great Mercy and Knowledge therefore forgive your people when they regret their mistake & follow the right way to be saved from Hell gother (7).

The scenarios of Judgement Day depict Divine Justice at its peak. People’s limbs give testament against them, people are cast into hellfire, angels upbraid the inhabitants of Hell, and graphic portrayals of torment in that place — all these together chill human hearts.

Allah is Al-Mujeeb, the answerer, and responder; a lovely way of inspiring us by seeking His Goodwill, taking Care, and Friendliness. 60 God said, “Call upon Me and I shall answer you.” There are various stories, scenes, and topics in the Surah with a common thread running through them all: Allah is the Great who resurrects from death.

Surat Ha Meem Sajdah

Juz 24 starts with Surat Ha’ Meem Sajdah which was revealed in the middle Makkan period after Hamza, who is the uncle of Messenger Mohammed ﷺ accepted Islam. Persecution of Muslims was at its peak. This renowned Quraysh leader embraced Islam hence strengthening the Muslims.

 The Quraysh had a conference over the rising danger of Islam. Utbah ibn Rabiah, a leader, took the responsibility of ‘striking a deal’ with the Messenger ﷺ, so he went and said to him: My nephew… you have given your people something they should be very worried about, it has driven a wedge into the community – here is an idea – see if this would work for you; richness that way we will build them together.

The Prophet ﷺ said to him, “O’ father of Walid now listen to me” and then he started reciting Surat Ha-meem. Utbah was fascinated as he listened carefully. Whenever the Prophet ﷺ reached these words “If they turn away say, ‘I warned you of a thunderbolt like the thunderbolt of Ad and Thamud’” (13), Utbah touched his mouth with one finger and asked him to stop it. When he came back home, Utah said about some other people that Quraysh;

Concept of Tawhid, Risalah and Akhirah

The Surah encourages people to accept the concepts of Tawhid, Risalah, and Akhirah. “This is the revelation from the Kind, Caring; a book whose verses are clearly explained an Arabic Quran for a people who have the knowledge it gives good news and warnings” (2–4). Why do disbelievers not listen? Because they are both locked in their minds and intolerant. 

They should observe the marvelous signs of Allah’s Glory in nature. The might, wisdom, mercy, and providence seemed seen in that Great universe is an indication of no drama or play of what we imagine as god but handiwork done by All Mighty Almighty a knower.

Rudeness and rejection of truth become a warning for the Quraysh. Their arguments are invalid; Allah is capable of resurrecting dead bones and a man can be an envoy for Allah. They are warned: your behavior is perilous and shall bring you only dire consequences. On that day even your ears, eyes, and skin would testify against you.

The early Makkan Surahs are conversational and speak directly to the listeners, each listener is asked to think, reflect, and interrogate himself, for example, it poses a question like, “Say, “Consider this: “or Maybe you must have seen” or “Haven’t you heard…”. This teaching style is not concerned with facts and figures but aims at nurturing critical thinking in raising the awareness of Reality.

The Quraysh were encouraged by the Jews to inquire, “What is there for of new revelation when even Mu’amalat Angels accepted Psalms and Gospels as one God inspired”? It reassures the Messenger ﷺ he has an elevated, clean, and constructive message that can change people’s lives if only those who are uninformed do not pay attention.

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