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The Quran refers to the holy book of Islam which is considered as God’s word sent through Prophet Muhammad. It is split into 30 parts, or paras to facilitate the study and understanding of readers. Quran Para 23 is one of the sections, and chapters in this section are from the Quran.

These chapters deal with all sorts of issues such as the tales about different prophets, resurrection, and how to follow God’s guidance. It is a great part of the Quran that carries invaluable lessons and messages for Muslims all over the world.

Quran Para 23 Wa Mali (وَمَالِيَ ) Details

Para 23Details
Para NameWa Mali (وَمَالِيَ )
Total Surah in Para 23Surah Yaseen, Surah As-Saffat, Surah Saad, Surah Al-Zumar
Total Ayat357 verses
Total Page20
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Quran Para 23 PDF Download

Quran Para 23 Read Online

Summary of Quran Para 23

Here is a summary:

Surat Yasin

Surat Yasin is the first one in Para 23 and it’s an early Makkan Surah. He ﷺ referred to it as “The Heart of the Quran”. Its main ideas consist of the evidence regarding Tawhid, Risalah, and Akhirah doctrines. first of all, it reassures the Messenger ﷺ regarding his role as a guide to humanity and mourns human disobedience throughout history.

Human pride and stubbornness are considered the chief reasons for disbelief. A warning is told about the story of three messengers who were sent away by those in their town. The heroic defender of the messengers in this tale represents the few Muslims in Makkah and consoles them about support from Allah.

Unbelievable intricacy and Grace

The second section of the Surah describes Allah’s amazing creative power and invites the reader to reflect on creation: a wonder of unbelievable intricacy and grace. Attention is drawn to the lifeless earth and how it comes back to life after rain, “This is Allah will resurrect from the dead.”

The Surah commenced with two assertions; the Messenger has been chosen by Allah to guide mankind and resurrection is a fact. The conceptual boundaries of the readers’ mind are prompted to ponder the paradoxical: that produces sparks of fire when rubbing two fresh twigs together. “When He wants to do something all he says is let it be! Glorify him who has dominion over everything, you will one day return” (82–83).

Surat As-Saffat – Arranged in Rows

Para 23 continues from Surat as-Saffat. Its central theme is also proving the truthfulness of the Islamic doctrines: Tawhid, Risalah, and Akhirah. It begins with three powerful oaths which portray the never-ending battles of heaven between angels and Satan, as comparable to man’s earthly struggles among Prophets and their people. “Six stories of the Prophets portray their heroic attempts to lead humankind. The dream of Ibrahim paints the inner conflict between love for children and love for Allah.

 Two scenes from Judgement Day are described: All are at loggerheads leaders and their followers blaming each other for that horrible fate. A virtuous man meets his friend in hell and recalls what he had tried to get him astray, but did not succeed. Zaqqum, the food of Hell’s inhabitants is a plant that despite resembling a desert cactus has poisonous juice with an odor like stinking and causes blistering, and death. The Surah goes back to the angels and how they are arranged in Paradise.

Surat Saad

Quran Para 23 resumes with the continuation of Surat al-Ṣaad, an early Makkan–surah. It begins by presenting the Quran as a reminder, of consciousness and awareness of some higher perception. This is achieved by narrating the tales of previous communities and the Herculean efforts made by Prophets starting from an account of Dawud’s excellent qualities as well as his son Sulayman. They were kings and devout servants of Allah.

The Surah ends with the sorrowful account of hardships endured by Prophet Ayyub. According to Tabari, Satan concluded that Ayyub would not remain steadfast if he encountered some hardship. Allah allowed Satan to tempt him. So, disaster struck Ayyub: his abode collapsed, his animals were slaughtered and members of his family perished in an accident where he got ill with a communicable disease such that people shunned him.

Ayyub’s Faith

Satan tried to undermine Ayyub’s faith through his wife who suggested that if he wanted back health, then he must sacrifice a baby goat for the devil. Ayyub refused to do this. In his despair and anguish, he prayed: 41 “Satan has caused suffering and tears. Ayyub is shown as a paragon of patience and persistence. This makes it a lesson, zikrs, for those who understand (43).

Surat al-Zumar – the Crowds

The Surah was opened for Allah’s Majesty and it questions how such a generous Lord could be denied. We receive His gifts day and night: our fellow breath, delicious foods that we eat, and comforting spouses. 7 “If you are ungrateful, Allah hath no use for thee; He does not like his servants’ thanklessness. But if ye be grateful, it shall please Him” Such fortunate people are incredibly blessed by Allah: In surah ar-Ra’d, 22 Allah says; “Those whose minds have been opened for Islam have received light from His Lord. But wretched are those with nails against the remembrance of Allan; they have gone wrong outright (quality). The gift to see, feel, and speak the Truth is a great blessing. 28

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