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Quran Para 22 is an integral part of the Holy Quran, containing verses that highlight various important aspects of Islam. The Para gives details about the battle at Trench. The next part of the para, also gives some insight into the kingdom of Saba. Get to know more about the creator of the Universe Allah.

Quran Para 22

Quran Para 22 (Aqtarabo) Details 

Para 22Details
Para NameAqtarabo (اقْتَرَبَ)
Total Surah in Para 22Surat al-Saba, Surat al-Fatir
Total Ayat169
Total Page20
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Quran Para 22 PDF Download

Quran Para 22 Read Online

Summary of Para 22

Here is the summary of Para 22 of the Holy Quran.

Background of the Battle at Trench

When the Prophet ﷺ had learned about Makkan’s plan, he assembled a war council. Salman, the Persian bibliography suggested that a trench be dug between long stretches of fortress-like houses on the outskirts of the city, and in their northwest were high rocks difficult to cross. So a five-meter wide, 5-meter deep, and seven kilometers long trench was dug in the space of three weeks.

When the Confederates’ army approached Madinah, they saw the trench as if it was a puzzle. They pitched their tents outside the city and besieged it near Uhud. The Jews of Banu Qurayda would have to attack the city from within because there was no other way 178, So the Quraish and Jews of Banu Nadhir made a plan to make friends with the group called Banu Qurayda.

They finally agreed on a pact. 1940 but the plan failed and did not help hence confederates. The siege was unbearable, and the winter nights were long and bitterly cold. A fierce sandstorm swept the tents. The camels and horses of the Makkan forces galloped madly. After three weeks, they fled. This intervention by Divine saved the Muslims.

Trial Period For Muslims

This was a trial period for the Muslims. It needed intelligent and courageous leadership as well as dedicated followers. The majority of the Surah talks about personal life and wondrous character. Of Prophet ﷺ, his relationships with disciples or family members. 

6 times he is addressed with the refrain “O Prophet!” to uplift his spirit, informing him of how special he was in Allah’s eyes and that it made sense for him to improve himself. The following verse is also revealed:

There is for you in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful example… We sent him on his mission as a witness, bringer of happy tidings, and one who warns.

True Followers Follow Self-Control

The key to success in life. Special recommendations are made to the disciples, who underwent all kinds of tests; criticism from hypocrites, and the siege atmosphere within walls deprived them sometimes even water and food for many days always threatening an attack. 

They had to keep their rage, irritation, and fear in check. The problem is to avoid being tempted by Satan and not throw himself under control. This Surah outlines the qualities of those who are believers. They were firm in their belief about the Prophet ﷺ’s mission, thankful to Allah, truthful and honest.

Surat al-Saba – the Kingdom of Saba

Surat al-Saba continues in Juz 22. The main idea is the proof of resurrection. The descriptions of Judgement Day are very vivid, as if the scenes were happening before one’s eye. Allah’s Glory and Power are highlighted as mankind will appear before the Divine court.

Allah gifted Dawud and Sulayman. So, Allah rewarded them more. On the other hand, people from Saba were recipients of a dam, dykes and fertile ground for farming but they did not show gratitude. Thus inviting Divine retribution. The dam blew up and the huge tidal wave wiped out everything in its path. They impoverished their agricultural land and this devastated them.

This is the horrible scene an outline of a conversation between disbelievers on Judgement day; At the end the Messenger ﷺ is proclaimed as a prophet for all humanity: “We have sent you to all people as a messenger of good news and warners, but most people do not know that” (28). This is the statement of Islam’s universality.

Surat al- Fatir, The Creator of the Universe

Surat al-Fatir is continued in Juz 22. This is one of the early Makkan Surahs. The central theme is Allah’s countless gifts: His grace is seen in the wonders that He has created nature. “And man recalls Allah’s bounties. Is there a creator other than Allâh, who sends down on you from heaven and earth?” (3). 

The Makkan people were stubborn in their denial of the Prophet ﷺ, so he is reassured, this is the wretched face of humanity: 25…”If they deny you, be not distressed; the ones who came before them denied those sending messengers with plain signs books and illuminating revelation. Allah gives respite and time for people to think again and again. He tells me to be patient and strong. 

The three grades of believers are described in this verse: “Some wronged themselves, others were good and some by the grace of Allah had been foremost in good works” (32). Essentially, these three kinds or classes are called The zalim. This group means that believers who make mistakes here do not realize their duties.  

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