Quran Para 14 Rubama PDF and Recite Online

The Quran is considered a holy book and contains the revelations sent to mankind by God directly through the prophet Mohammed. It is divided into 30 sections called paras, and each part consists of several verses known as ayahs. Quran Para 14 is a powerful chapter of the Book containing some verses that deal with many fields like faith, guidance, and justice. Here you have a platform where you have easy access to and understanding of the Quran para 14:

Quran Para 14 Rubama PDF and Recite Online

Quran Para 14 Rubama (رُبَمَا)  Details

Para 14Details
Para NameRubama (رُبَمَا) 
Total Surah in Para 14Surah Hijr and Surah Nahl
Total Ayat227 verses
Total Page20
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Quran Para 14 Recite Online

Summary of Para 14

Here is a summary of para 14:

Surat Al Hijr – The Rock City

The opening verses of Para 14 are from surah AlHijr, which was revealed during the last years of the Prophetic mission. The main line revolves around the Makkans’ attitude towards the Prophet. They are flippant in matters of God, and love earthly life “Let them eat their fill and be satisfied. That is all they think about” (3). They were hardhearted and unresponsive to reasonable arguments. So, they required a nice measure of moral and spiritual rehabilitation because their material rather fortunate accomplishments had made them materially minded, self-centered, and greedy.

The Quran depicts the destiny of preceding generations who denied their prophets. The story of Ibrahim عليه السلام is narrated. The angel lets him know that a son is coming and that the people of Lut عليه السلام will be punished. It’s a story of Allah’s mercy on his servant and punishment for the disobedient. The Divine promise to protect the Quran: 9 We have sent that reminder and wouldn’t leave it unprotected until today.

The story of the creation of human beings is retold with an accent on Satan swearing to deceive them but he will not have any influence over Allah’s slaves (26-50). There are additional stories about how people in the Madyan woodlands, and cave dwellers of Thamud after whom the chapter got its name (al-Hijr), had such disastrous fates. The Makkans were also acquainted with these old communities as their ruins lay on the Silk Route to Syria and Yemen.

Surat al-Nahl – The Bee

This surah was revealed in the last few months before 622 CE when Prophet Muhammad migrated to Madinah. The conflict between Makkans and Muslims was severe at that time. The Muslims became discouraged and the disbelievers were jubilant thinking that Islam was no longer spreading among people. 3 However, the surah is hopeful and inspires Muslims to have faith in Allan’s promise of victory. “Be not anxious concerning them, nor trouble yourself about their wickedness’ ‘ (127).

The Quran often speaks of two types of books – Scripture revealed with divine commandments, explanations, and a certain set of beliefs; The other is nature an open book of the universe, sun and stars, moon flight of birds sea – pearls; rubies ships ploughing mighty waves rivers mountains cattle riding animals rain plants ripened fruit milk honey many crops.

 This surat is also known as al-Nia’mah, meaning “the gift,” because it contains a catalog of gifts. The only way to acknowledge them is through being thankful. This is the core of Islam. The contrary of thankfulness is un-thankfulness, the word Kufr means that Kafir does not give attention to Allah’s gift. The essence of the Divine Message is captured in this verse, it is recited in every sermon on Friday: “Allah commands justice, doing good and being generous towards relatives He has forbidden indecency, all that is evil or wrong, cruelty” (90).

Allah Created the Entire Universe for a reason

Allah has made the entire universe for a reason. How can we understand it? It starts by describing Allah’s gifts, domesticated animals that were so important not only as a food source but also as a type of transport. This pertains to the areas of crops, vineyards, date, and olive groves as well as orchards. “If you were to count the blessings of Allah; you would not be able to record them, Allah is Pardoner and Benign.” (18) Then we are reminded that those who did not acknowledge all these gifts will receive not only punishment but rather spending eternity in Hell. (30-33)

Messenger of Allah guiding you to it, what is then waiting? For additional proof read the history and look at what happened to evil-doers. However, all things bow and listen to Him. Allah’s blessings are innumerable, but surely the gift of a baby is preeminent. It may not be true for the Idolater who feels shameful whenever he is told that a baby girl has been born. The Quran laments, what a pity! This reminds us that Allah is a very patient being, who does not hurry to punish us despite our wretchedness.

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