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Quran Para 13 is one of the most important chapters with verses that hold a lot of wisdom and direction in life. Para 13 can provide you with a convenient and valuable source if you are looking to expand your knowledge of the Quran or just want to find out more about its teachings. With a few clicks, you can read the verses with audio and even download it as a PDF to read later. This availability makes it possible for people from all backgrounds to interact with the depth of messages conveyed by the Quran.

Quran Para 13 Details

Para 13Details
Para NameWa Ma Ubrioo (بَرِّئُوَمَا)
Total Surah in Para 9Surah Yusuf, Surah Rad, and Surah Ibrahim
Total Ayat154
Total Page20
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Summary of Para 13

Here is the summary of para 13:

Surat Yusuf continued

Yusuf presented proof of his innocence and accepted the position as Egypt’s treasurer. “Appoint me to the stalls of this country,” Yusuf said (55), as years earlier, famine in which he had warned his brothers from Canaan came about for the entire region; upon entering Egypt looking for gains they caught a glimpse at most who hadn’t recognized him well. He is kind to them and gives back the goods they left in exchange for grains. But he insisted that they take their half-brother along with them.

Yaqub hesitantly permits Benjamin to do the errand. As they leave for Egypt the second time Yaqub gives them advice on how to avoid the evil eye: “My sons, do not pass through one gate at the time but you go each of you from a different door. I can’t protect any of you against anything before Allah, for only He is almighty. 67 When they approach Yusuf, he approaches Benjamin and tells him who he is. 69 – 77 Yusuf allows Benjamin to stay with him.

The great forgiveness

The brothers plead for mercy, Yusuf feels sorry about their pitiable state and reveals who he is to them. “They said, Yusuf, you! He replied: I am Yusuf and this is my brother. “Allah has blessed us.” (88-91) At last, the whole family arrives at Yusuf in Egypt. His wonderful childhood dream is fulfilled: 100). When he invited his parents to sit on the throne, they fell before him in prostration.

Surat al-Ra’d – The Thunder

This late Makkan surah conveys the greatness of Allah, in revelation and creation. Nature is like an open book and Allah’s creativity can be seen, felt, or experienced there. The scripture also teaches moral values which are the basis of a person’s faith and character. Spiritual ideals that fill life with meaning and answer the big questions: who are we? where do we come from? and where are we going?

The Quran emphasizes the use of reason, not wizardry. The Makkans used lots of hostile strategies to resist the Prophet. They began with a smear campaign, ridiculed and made threats. Some Muslims prayed that Allah should send an omen so as to allow their fellow dwellers to see and believe. “Even if such a Quran was revealed that can move the mountains or destroy the earth or make dead speak, they would still not believe it” (31). 

Allah does not want to win people over by means of marvelous wizardry. Instead, the Quran provides a rationale to believe; proof from nature, physical happenings, and human history. These appeals to human reason and emotions can awaken faith in Allah, encouraging belief. The Quran wants men to choose themselves, accept Allah, or refuse faith. Change only comes from within; a moral choice should be made. Allah “does not change the state of a man until he alters that which is in his soul” 12.

The Awesome Creation and the Infinite Knowledge of Allah

The surah opened with a list of amazing natural phenomena: skies without columns, the rising and setting of sun and moon, great mountains, flowing rivers, beautiful groves of palm tree legs, vast vineyards & fields laden with maize/corn or wheat. The Quran rejects the stubbornness of disbelievers in denying the truth. All of this is the workmanship of a supreme, mighty Lord. Compared to their idols, who are they? The “intelligent people” believe in the Messenger.

A parable shows how the Quranic teachings are beneficial. Heavy rain marks the valleys, while froth floats on top. After the storm blows over when it all dies down, and the froth disappears, whatever is you know precious minerals remain there to keep our land fertile. Their idols’ perish, and the Quran remains.

Eight Qualities of Believers

Eight qualities of the believers. They honor their contract with Allah and establish good relationships between people. ﷺ is reassured and continues to preach with confidence. Now signs of victory are starting to emerge. 41 “Do they not see that We are coming forth in their land, and its borders decrease? This could possibly refer to the group in Madinah who had accepted Islam and were now inviting Prophet ﷺ to come over to their city – it was a prelude to Hijrah, when with his departure from Makkah. 28-29 highlights the source of eternal happiness as remembering Allah in this Surah.

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